Rosalynn Carter’s Festive Birthday Hat Ornaments

Mrs. Carter created an inexpensive Christmas tree ornament that paid tribute to her family peanut farm. She once took a birthday party hat and replaced the elastic chin string with a lace ribbon. She filled the hat with peanuts and hung it by it’s lace handle on the tree. For a modern twist, you can use the birthday hat ornaments as parting gifts. As guests leave, they can pick their own ornaments from your tree!

Birthday Hats (solid colors look best)
Ribbon, 1 inch wide (a standard spool of ribbon will yield approximately two dozen “ribbon handles.”
Hot glue gun
Peanuts or a filling of your choice. (see Tips)

Step One
Cut the elastic band off the birthday hat

Step Two
Cut the ribbon into 12-inch strips.

Step Three
Hot glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the hat to create a handle.

Step Four
Fill with treats of your choice and hang on the tree.

There are many alternatives to peanuts. For example, other types of nuts and candies, such as peppermints, gum drops and gum balls, will work. Paper tissue can be stuffed into the hat to reduce the amount of filling needed.